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Easy Rider Traveling Road Show

Click on the Easy Rider Motorcycles to see Fred Oliver’s Road Show Video on YouTube™

The Captain America Chopper

The Billy Bike

You’ve seen the movie, Easy Rider. 

Come see the bikes; made famous by this classic motorcycle saga.



The Easy Rider Traveling Road Show will be at the Springfield Motorcycle Show.

Come see this mobile museum.  It features both bikes as well as movie posters and a ton of memorabilia about the classic motorcycle film: Easy Rider.  The Road Show display has it all, yet it continues to grow.  Each year new rare pieces are uncovered and added to the Traveling Road Show. 

About the movie and the motorcycles

If you asked someone to name a motorcycle movie, Easy Rider would be at the top of the list. 

The two motorcycles featured in this movie are two most recognizable motorcycles of all time! 

The movie, Easy Rider, was the first independent film to ever be released by a major studio. Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda became instant celebrities.

After the film, Peter Fonda struck a deal with then California Motorcycles, soon to be Indian Motorcycles. The deal was to produce 750 of both the Captain America Chopper, with it's red white and blue stars and stripes tank, and the Billy Bike, with its very distinctive orange flamed tank.

The estimates are that under 300 Captains America Choppers were built and under 100 Billy Bikes were built.

Peter Fonda - Autographed Helmet

Easy Rider Memorabilia

Fred Oliver



The Easy Rider Traveling Road Show is brought to you by Fred Oliver.

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