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Opportunities are just down the road.Sponsorship Opportunities

The Springfield Motorcycle Show is a huge event that draws big crowds interested in seeing all the latest and greatest products for motorcycle owners and future riders alike.  Our formula for success was introduced at our first motorcycle show back in 2006 and the results speak for themselves.  We are very proud of how well our show has grown.

Would you like to ride along side us and gain the advantage of all the advertising, marketing and promotion that we put into our show? 

If so, you need to join our sponsorship program!  It will give your business extensive exposure to both our show attendees and the general public.

Sponsorship opportunities are available at many different commitment levels. 

If you are ready to ride with OSEG down the road of success, call us now!


Sponsorship Program

Presenting Sponsor - Available

Your business will be announced as the Presenting Sponsor of the show - "(Your Company) Presents The Springfield Motorcycle Show".  This advertising will include all media forms - TV, Radio, Print, Email Blasts, and Website.  In addition, your business will be showcased on the Main Stage Banner and an introduction will be made on the Main Stage.  Furthermore, your business will be prominently displayed on the Sponsors Page and a special Exhibitor Profile Page on the website.

Supporting Show Sponsor - Available

Your business logo appears both on the Springfield Motorcycle Show website and on all print advertising.  Included is an Exhibitor Profile Page with links from the Home Page and from the Sponsors Page.

Bike Competition Sponsor

Haymond Law Firm

Advertising of sponsor on both Bike Competition Page and Sponsor Page.  Your banner on the Main Stage during the awards program and  Main Stage Introduction during Awards Ceremony. Award Photos with trophy sponsor credits will be posted on the website for six months after the competition. 

Music Sponsor - Available

Advertising of sponsor on Main Stage Page, Sponsor Page, Band Page, and in the show.

Fashion Show Sponsor - Available

Your business will be announced throughout the show, during the Motorcycle Fashion Show itself and be promoted in all ad media. Additionally, you will have an exhibitor profile page for your business and be featured on the sponsors page of the show site and your banner will be on the Main Stage during the fashion show.

Tattoo Competition Sponsor- Available

Your business will be announced throughout the show during the Tattoo Competition.  Additionally, you will have an exhibitor profile page for your business and you will be featured on the sponsors page of the show site.

T-Shirt Sponsor - Available

Your logo and message prominently displayed on 75 Show T-Shirts which will be given out throughout the show and worn proudly throughout the year. These can be given out at the Main Stage whenever a 'special' event is on or at your display. You will receive mention on the Sponsor Page of the show website. These will be one color produced in a variety of sizes.

Show Bag Sponsor - Available

Your logo and message will seen by all attendees to the show! Feel free to be hand them out yourself or provide a rack so customers can grab their own . Additional Advertising may be stuffed in bags as well. We can provide the service of getting the bags for you at whatever you would like to spend or you can provide you own.

Website Exhibitor Profile - ($175)

Featured as a show sponsor with links to profile page.
Up to five photos and 500 words of promotional copy and link to exhibitor web site.
Additional photos and or copy available for an additional cost.

Additional Website Advertising

Banner - Top of  Features Page - $200
Banner - Top of Bike Competition Page - $200
Banner - Top of Main Stage Page - $600

Prize Promotions - Available

Drive traffic to your booth by donating a prize to be given away at the show.  Prominent placement on website and mentions in other media.  Cost is the cost of the prize - the bigger the prize, the more attention you will get. Very large prizes may be used in advertising and Main Page website write-ups.

Video Production Sponsor - Available

Professionally produce our show video and your ad will be included as part of the show video.  Your business will be mentioned on our video page and a special Profile Page will promote your services.

Photography Sponsor

Photography Sponsor

Provide professional photography services for the show and special thanks will be provided on our show site.  Your business will be mentioned on the bike competition page, the sponsor page and a special Profile Page which will promote your company.

Coupon Sponsor - (priced upon customers request)

Have your business logo printed on dollar off coupons which will be promoted in our advertising and distributed at your business. This is great for restaurants, chain stores and any retailers who like heavy foot traffic.  "Pick up your coupon for the show at "your company location", it could be used as an incentive to purchase a certain item too.  Call OSEG to find out more.

Pre-Show E-mail Blast Sponsor ($150)

Ad included in special 'Show Announcement’ e-mails sent out to thousands of show list subscribers. We also do e-mail blasts to potential attendees with qualified listings.


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