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We live in New England and around this time of year it gets cold and there is snow on the ground.  So basically, you’re stuck.  The likelihood of getting your bike out on the road for an enjoyable ride is slim to none. 

Well, that is unless you use a special service from the folks at Winterbiker.  These guys came up with a great idea and by using their service; they can help you ride your bike all winter long in Florida’s lovely warm climate!


Ray BarrieauRay Barrieau is the founder of Winterbiker.  It is a family run business that helps motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy their winters away from all of the freezing temperatures and the snow. 

What can be better than that?

Transportation Protection SystemThe process is simple once you sign up for their service.  They will safely transport your motorcycle down to Florida utilizing their patented shipping and transport system.  Once there, they will store your ride until you are ready for some wintertime fun.

Looking for cheap flights?  They can help with discount airfare too.   Once in Florida, the guys from Winterbiker will even pick you up at the airport. 

They offer unlimited airport pickup and even emergency road service anywhere in the state of Florida.  These guys know how to do it.  Winterbiker is more than just a transport service, they offer everything you’ll need to "Ride All Winter Long!"



Stop by their booth and learn all the details.  You cannot miss it, just look for the Winterbiker truck!  They will have everything out on display, so be sure to check out The Winterbiker Transportation Protection System (TM).  This patented shipping system will get your bike to its destination safely!  They guarantee a damage free transport.  Find out how they can do this while down at the show. 

Transportation Protection System

In addition, be sure to ask about the Winterbiker "Polar Bear Clamp" and check out all of the official Winterbiker gear from clothing and accessories to fun Winterbiker bears!  You can see it all down at the show.

Winterbiker gear




If you would like to learn a bit more before the show watch the video above
or you can visit their website at:


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