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Special Thanks to John Haymond

John Haymond

We would like to thank John Haymond, a long time fan of the Springfield Motorcycle Show and dedicated supporter of our event.  The Haymond Law Firm has sponsored our Bike Competition for many years along with many other in-show events.

John Haymond



The Haymond Law Firm

The Haymond Law Firm  has been helping injured motorcyclists for over 30 years.

John will tell you, “If you've been injured in an accident, we will use all our power, experience, and resources to get you all the money you deserve.”

John’s dedication to the biker community is genuine.  He’s an avid biker himself and that is why we were proud to have the Haymond Law Firm sponsor our show.



The Haymond Girls

Haymond Girls!

While you are at the show, be sure to visit the Haymond Girls!

These are John’s special ambassadors.  The girls can be found at all of the area motorcycle and charity events. 

Stop by the Haymond booth to find out more about the haymond Law Firm and be sure get your picture taken with the Haymond Girls.

If you have an immediate need to speak with a lawyer, call 1-800-HAYMOND.  If you would like to learn more about what the law firm can do for you, visit the Haymond Law Firm on the web.


Haymond Law Firm



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